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Aug 29              An Innocent Band | Indianapolis, IN | Private Event


Oct 5                 An Innocent Band | Indianapolis, IN | Private Event




Feb 10              An Innocent Band | The Vogue | Indianapolis, IN | Private Event



Aug 27              An Innocent Duo | The Vogue | Private Event

Sept 3               An Innocent Band | Cedar Creek Winery | Martinsville, IN



Oct 10               An Innocent Band | Private Event | Rohrman Field |                                                     West Lafayette, IN

2020           No gigs - Stay safe


Sept 28          An Innocent Duo | The Tap Bloomington | 9 - 12:30

Sept 21          An Innocent Band | Summer Dock At White Oak |                                         Monticello, IN | 7 - 10pm

                         "This was by far my favorite band the Dock has had."

Sept 14          An Innocent Band | Shelbyville, IN | Music In the Park                                 Concert Series | Blue River Memorial Park | 6 - 9pm

                            "Enjoyed a fantastic show last night in Shelbyville. The energy was catching                                                  among the audience and you can tell these guys love sharing their talent with                                             all of us. Great job--see you again soon!"

Aug 30            An Innocent Duo | The Tap Bloomington | 9 - 12:30

Aug 16              An Innocent Duo | Indiana State Fair | Grand Hall | 5 - 8:30

Aug 10           An Innocent Band | Indiana Grand Racing Casino | 9 - 12

                         "Enjoyed the show at Indiana Grand. Keep on Rocking!!!"

July 27            An Innocent Duo | The Tap Indy | Mass Ave | 8 - 11:30

July 20            An Innocent Band | Opening for Simply Elton | Cedar                                   Creek Winery | Martinsville, IN | 6 - 7:30

                         "You guys are smoking at Drink at the Creek. Sounding great!"

                                   "Great band!"

July 13            An Innocent Band |Aurora, OH | Aurora Inn Hotel and                                 Event enter | Pavilion at the Inn summer concert series |                           8 - 11

                         "What a great show tonight in Aurora! Thank you to the entire band!! Please                                              come back soon! If you haven't seen "An Innocent Band" live in concert, you                                                MUST go!"

                                   "You guys were AMAZING last night in Aurora!!!! Please come back soon to the                                           area...we had a blast"

June 29          An Innocent Band | Spark Fishers | Nickel Plate District                             Amphitheater | Fishers, IN

June 27          An Innocent Band | Fortville Summer Concert Series |                                 Landmark Park | 7:30 - 9:30

June 14          An Innocent Duo | J.W. Marriot Downtown Indianapolis |                           Zoobilation | 3 - 6

June 6             An Innocent Duo | The Tap Bloomington | 8 - 11:30

                         "I'd like to personally thank the both of you for an excellent performance. The                                            way you sang, you played your voice as an instrument. You didn't just sing. I saw                                      passion and I loved it. The harmonies were well placed, strong and confident.                                            You two play so fluidly together. Your jovial nature on stage was pleasant.                                                  Thank you for making the last few moments I was able to spend with my                                                     girlfriend spectacular. You were engaging and delightful."

May 18              An Innocent Duo | Books & Brews Hamilton Town Center | 2 - 4

May 4                An Innocent Duo | Murphy's Pubhouse | 9 - 12

April 17          An Innocent Duo | The District Tap | 9 - 12

April 6             An Innocent Band | Indiana Grand Racing Casino | 9 - 12

Mar 2            An Innocent Duo | Murphy's Pubhouse | 9 - 12

Jan 12          An Innocent Band | Indiana Grand Racing Casino |                                         Shelbyville, IN | 9 - 12


Sept 22          International Festival |Carmel, IN

July 7              Cedar Creek Winery - 5 to 8pm - 3820 Leonard Rd, Martinsville, IN

Jun 30            Spark Fishers, Nickel Plate District                                                                      Amphitheater,Fishers, IN - 3 to 5pm

Apr 6               Indiana Grand Racing Casino | Shelbyville, IN | 9 - 11

Feb 16               Hoosier Park Racing Casino | Anderson, IN | 9 - 11


Oct 14               Casler's Kitchen and  Bar | Fisher's IN | 9:30 - 12:30

Sept 9            Lincoln State Park Amphitheater | Lincoln City, IN |

                         7 - 9pm

                         We appreciate your craft and the passion that you brought to your performance                                        last night! Thank you An Innocent Band for lighting up the amphitheatre last                                              night!

                                    - Lincoln Amphitheatre

                                    I saw your band perform tonight in Lincoln City, Indiana & loved it--you were                                              great, loved the music & is a tribute to Billy Joel--you do him proud but you are                                          great musicians.

                                    - Shirley Grundhoefer

                                    Great show tonight at Lincoln Amphitheatre. Really enjoyed it.

                                     - Cathy Hardesty Compton

                                    Amazing show last night!!

                                    - Barb Ward Young

                                    Awesome performance!!

                                    - Sharon Williams

                                    You guys were Wonderful this evening in Lincoln City!!! ..just wanted to say                                                thank you for a fabulous evening!

                                     - Karen KrausKopf

Sept 3            Guitars and Cars (formerly called Athens Eats!) | Athens,                          OH | 6:30 to 8:30pm | Family Friendly Event w/free                                      admission and parking!


                            We can't thank the band enough for the awesome show last night. We LOVED it!

                                    - Susan Cooperider

                                    Loved your show in Athens last weekend, great energy and music

                                    - Diana Hobden

                                    Saw your show in Athens, Oh tonight. My wife and I loved it. Very entertaining                                          and made for a great night. You guys rock!!!

                                    - Kirk DePeel

                                    Just saw your top-notch show in Athens, Ohio. Great energy and musicianship... 

                              a great performance on a pretty night in Athens, Ohio, and much appreciated.                                    You guys can play and sing with the best. Y'all did a stellar job performing the                                      often complex songs of B.J>Builly Joel. And my wife and I were bobbin along                                    and had a great time. Thanks and Best Wishes to all the fine players.

                              - Michael Barr

                              Great show in Athens, Ohio.

                              - Paula Inman

Aug 25           Britton Tavern | Fishers, IN                    | 10pm - 1am

Aug 4             Indiana Grand Casino | Shelbyville, IN | 9:00 - Midnight

July 28           Casler's Kitchen and Bar | Fishers, IN | 9:30 - 12:30

July 2             Mallow Run Winery | Bargersville, IN | 2 - 5pm

June 13         Fishers After Dark Concert Series | Nickel Creek                                             Amphitheater | 6 to 8pm

Jan 7               Indiana Grand Racing & Casino | Shelbyville, IN | 8                                        to 10:30pm


Dec 2        Casler's Kitchen & Bar | Fishers, IN |

July 29        Indiana Grand Racing & Casino | Shelbyville, IN | 8 - 10:30pm

Juy 26         Fishers After Dark | Nickel Creek Amphitheater | Fishers, IN |

                      7 - 9pm |

June 17      Riverfront Concert Series | Cuyahoga Falls, OH

                      7:30 - 10 pm

May 14       Hoosier Park Racing & Casino | Anderson, IN | 9pm to Midnight! 

April 15      The End Zone | Lafayette, IN

                      Combination Billy Joel/Covers show!

April 1         Britton Tavern | Fishers, IN
March 26   Alley's Alehouse | Fishers, IN | Inside the Pinheads Complex

                      Combination Billy Joel/Covers show!

                     The best band we've had all year.

                           -Member of the bar staff via Facebook

                            As a musician, I don't often venture out to see local bands play because most of                                       them are nothing more than just a "bar band." But I went and saw "An Innocent                                       Band" (a Billy Joes cover band and dance band) at Ally's Alehouse in Fishers tonight                                 only because I know the caliber of professionalism of Travis Jensen and Scott Beck,                               both originally from Lafayette and they are Lafayette Jeff grads. This is definitely a                                 band that is worth seeing. Travis delivers Joel-esque lead vocals backed by a 6-piece                               band complete with an excellent keyboard player, lead guitar player, sax player,                                         drummer, bassist, and Scott chipping in on harmonies, rhythm guitar and percussion.                             Although the venue presented some acoustical challenges, their sound crew did a                                   great job balancing the vocals and instruments. They play again next weekend at the                             Britton Tavern in Fishers near 141st and St. Rd. 37. IF you enjoy dancing or just                                         sitting there and watching/listening to a fun repertoire of dance songsthat you can                                 sing along with, go see this band when they are in the area. They are not a "bar                                         band", but rather a professional level band that entertains... and just happens to play                             a few local drinking establishments. Check them out.

                            -Brian Koning via Facebook


Nov 13         Hoosier Park Racing & Casino| Anderson, IN


October 24   Pathway To Recovery Masquerade 2015 |  Indianapolis, IN

October 17   Long Center Theater | Lafayette, IN

                       AN INNOCENT BAND was fantastic! They were absolutely wonderful to work with                              from the time we booked them until load out. Travis & the rest of the extremely                                    talented band went "above and beyond" to ensure that the audience was engaged                              and entertained. I think even Billy would be impressed...

                           -Eric Van Cleave, Executive Director Long Center for the Performing Arts


August 14     Riverfront Concert Series by IROK | Cuyahoga Falls, OH
                       The Riverfront Concert Series by IROK in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio would like to thank                            Travis Jensen and An Innocent Band for performing at our Series this year. I myself                            am a huge Billy Joel fan, and have been to several of his shows throughout the years.                        I must say that An Innocent Band put on an amazingly high-quality performance with                          an incredibly talented group of musicians. I look forward to seeing these guys perform                        in the future, and would highly recommend An Innocent Band for any venue looking                            for the best Billy Joel band around!!!! From the Riverfront Concert Series, we thank                            you!!!!
                            - Mike Thomas, Chairman of IROK
July 21            Fishers After Dark | Fishers, IN 7 - 9 pm
                       "You can smell the spaghetti sauce from Momma Leoni's kitchen as you sip on your                            tonic and gin. A GREAT show with only 4 Star musicians."

                       - Bob McCutcheon, Nickel Plate District Amphitheater Talent Buyer and                                                                        Producer

July 10            Zoolapalooza - Indianapolis Zoo | Indianapolis, IN

June 26          Fishers Amphitheater After Dark |  Fishers, IN    

January 30    The End Zone | Lafayette, IN


January 10    Indiana Grand Casino | Shelbyville, IN



Dec 31             Downtown Indy's 1st Annual New Years Eve Celebration

                           Indianapolis, IN

Nov 15            Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts | Muskegon, MI 

                       "An Innocent Band was one of the best tribute bands we’ve had in our theater! From                          the moment we started negotiations for the contract to the time they loaded out, they                          were a pleasure to work with! Travis Jensen promised we’d get their best and he and                          the band delivered. The energy level on the stage was through the roof from the                                  beginning of the concert to the end and the audience could feel the passion of this                              band with every song they performed. Travis Jensen not only performs with a sound                          that’s spot-on, he also has a look that creates an amazing sense of seeing Billy Joel                          himself in concert. Bravo, bravo, bravo! Can’t wait to have the opportunity to book                              them again!"

                       - Linda Medema, Sales & Marketing Manager

Sept 27          Carmel International Festival | Carmel, IN

                       "We appreciate your contribution to our event. Having groups like yours perform at our                        festival makes the event entertaining & more lively for everyone involved. We will                                definitely keep your information on file for potentially playing at next year's event."

Sept 19          Hoosier Park Terrace Stage | Anderson, IN


August 15     Hoosier Park Terrace Stage | Anderson, IN

July 4              CarmelFest | Carmel, IN

                       "The instant I saw/heard An Innocent Band rehearse at Kingston's Music Showcase in                        Carmel, I was hooked and knew I had to figure out a way to get these folks into the                            North Stage lineup at CarmelFest 2014. We got it done, and AIB certainly repaid the                          effort on multiple levels: expert musicianship, top-notch vocals and an energy that few                        bands are able to exhibit throughout their show. If you want a Billy Joel tribute                                    ensemble - and trust me, you do - this is it, folks. Travis Jensen "sells" the notion of                            Billy Joel performing for you right at the opening note. Don't take my word for it; go                              see the band for yourself. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and one more                          thing: One of my CarmelFest cohorts told me after the festival that his favorite new                              element (and there were plenty from which to choose) of this year's festival was                                  "without question, An Innocent Band." I couldn't agree more, and so we shall have                              AIB back. Count on it!"

                       - Steve Greenberg North Stage Manager, CarmelFest 2014

May 3              Private Event (Kentucky Derby Party)

                       "We've had several Kentucky Derby parties at our home over the last decade, but                              never before has a band made such an impact as AIB this year. You WERE the party!                        Your fantastic energy, musicianship, humor, professionalism, and crowd-involvement                          left all of our guests asking us, "Where did you find that band?!," and "Who ARE these                        guys?!" From the expert crafting of the setlists through the delivery of heartfelt ballads                        and rockin' jams, it was all top-notch. Thank you for making our Derby party the best                          ever."

                       - Jason & Jill Reese

January 10    Hoosier Park Casino - Terrace Showroom | Anderson, IN


October 5      Hoosier Park Casino - Rocktober | Anderson, IN

Sept 21          Stockdale-Bain Wedding

                       "You guys, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You were brilliant! Thank you for making                        our day so special. Everyone there talked about how amazing you were. Thank you                            for bringing the fun, and for wearing purple. Steve and I are so glad you were there.                            Our day was perfect." 

                       - Denise Stockdale Bain, Bride

July 21            Private Event (The Villages of West Clay) | Carmel, IN

June 15          Woodstock Country Club

                       “An Innocent Band entertained The Players tonite. Well done, gentlemen!”

                       - Ellen Kingston, Ideal Talent, Inc.

March 16       Casler’s Kitchen & Bar | Fishers, IN 

                       "As always, an incredible job done last night at Caslers! You guys never disappoint!” ​

                       - Rico Fonseca, Owner, Casler’s Kitchen & Bar


Dec 31            Hoosier Park Casino | Anderson, IN

                       “Great show! Very professional and super easy to work with. Thanks for a great show                        at our NYE party!”

                       - Adam Kallick, Talent Buyer Hoosier Park

August 25     Rushville Parks Concert Series | Rushville, IN


August 19     Gazebo at Village of West Clay | Carmel, IN 

                       “An Innocent Band rocked the Village of WestClay tonight with the sounds of Billy                                Joel. Thanks guys for a fun atmosphere and great music!! Can’t wait to have you                                back!”

                       - Alexandra Pappas Cain, Talent Buyer Village of West Clay

August 19     Indiana State Fair Main Street Stage | Indianapolis, IN 

August 12     Indiana State Fair Main Street Stage | Indianapolis, IN 

July 20            Garfield Park “Celebrate the Greats” Concert Series

                           Indianapolis, IN 

March 24       Chef Joseph’s “An Acoustic Evening” | Indianapolis, IN ​


Nov 25           Casler’s Kitchen & Bar | Fishers, IN

                       “I love booking An Innocent Band at our place! They are such an entertaining and                              one-of-a-kind band that every time we have them here, we get so much positive                                  feedback! The whole band is so easy to work with and not only are they easy to book,                        but they are always quick to respond back when we are booking dates with them! We                        are never disappointed.”

                       - Rosa, Owner, Casler’s Kitchen & Bar

Nov 5              Indiana Live Casino | Shelbyville, IN 

Nov 4              Indiana Live Casino | Shelbyville, IN

August 13     Indiana State Fair Main Street Stage | Indianapolis, IN


March 19       Casler’s Kitchen & Bar | Fishers, IN


Nov 11            The Palladium | Carmel, IN

Sept 9             Birdy’s Bar & Grill | Indianapolis, IN

                       “As a booking agent and a frequent patron of clubs, I’ve seen my fair share of tribute                          acts, and always go in with a little trepidation. Sure, some acts can pull off the look of                          the artist(s) they are trying to emulate but when they step up to the mic and sing the                            first note, sometimes the party is instantly over. Not so with An Innocent Band, a Billy                          Joel Tribute act that I had the pleasure to see open a benefit show. Travis Jensen,                              vocalist had me right from the beginning. A true study in all things Joel, Travis blazed                          seamlessly through a catalog of Joel songs that spans multiple decades and leaves                            no stone unturned for the true fan. And the band is a force to reckon with as well as                            they effortlessly slide into the pocket and own the songs outright as if they were theirs                        all along. I can’t recommend this band enough for your next event if you want Billy in                          the house! AIB will bring him!”
                       - Jeff Sample, Bookings at Birdy’s

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